Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) The summer was very hot. It was very stuffy in the city and Mr.Black decided to go to the seashore for his summer vacation. He could afford a long time vacation and he well deserved it this time, he thought.

2) He booked a railway ticket, packed his things and was about to start for the station, when he remembered a very important thing. He had to ask his housekeeper to post him all his letters he would receive. She promised to do that.

3) Mr.Black had a very good time there. The weather was fine and the sea was calm. He spent much time on the seashore and got sunburnt and felt fine.

4) The only thing that troubled him was the fact that he hadn’t received any letters at all.

5) He thought it extremely strange and phoned his housekeeper to find out why she didn’t send him his letters. The housekeeper answered that she had no key to his letter-box.

6) Mr.Black sincerely apologized and promised to send her the key as soon as possible. On the same day he put the key into an envelope, wrote down his address on it and posted the letter.

7) Another month was passing. Mr.Black had a very good rest on the seashore. He swam in the sea, went fishing, went boating with his friends. But he still did not receive any letters.

8) When his summer vacation was over, he returned home. The housekeeper met him very warmly but he was very stern and angry with her. She could not understand why he was so angry.

9) Then Mr.Black asked her crossly why she had not sent him any of his letters which he had expected throughout his long summer vacation.

10) The poor woman had to explain him honestly that she could not get the key he had sent her as it was in the locked letter-box together with his other letters.

#1. (…) Did Mr.Blake enjoy his long awaited vacation at the seaside?

#2. (…) Why did he have a long vacation this summer?

#3. (…) What did the housekeeper have to explain her master when he phoned her?

#4. (…) The housekeeper greeted her master cordially, but his reaction was difficult to understand, wasn’t it?

#5. (…) Where was his key lying all the time?

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