Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1)Scotland is Hand of romance. Its history is rich in stones of bravery and excitemen, and its people, particularly, the Highlanders of the north and west are very proud of their colourful traditions and legends.

2)The Scottish landscape with its many mountains, valleys and lakes, is very beautiful:and it is no wonder that it is the background for many an exciting tale of adventure.

3)Living in a country that is wild and in some places very poor, the Scots have long been famous as an industrious and hard-working race. At the same time they have always had a deep affection fot their country, and no nation is more patriotic.

4)Their love of the past is shown by their deep devotion to national heroes such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, chieftans who led the armies against the English in the Middle Ages.

5) But their favourite hero is Bonnie Prince Charlie, who made a hopeless and unsuccessful attempt to establish a claim to the throne of England in 1745 Much has been written in honour of this romantic Prince, and even today Scotsmen still sing to him, «Will ye no come back again?»

6) Modern Scotland is naturally quite different from the battle-scarred land of long ago … Edinburgh, the capital, is one of the finest cities of Europe often called «the Athens of the North».

7) Princes Street, its main thoroughfare, surpasses anything to be seen in the rest of Britain, and rising above it on a hill is the beautiful old Castle, famous for its Military Tattoo during the annual Edinburgh festival.

8 ) On the river Clyde in the west of Scotland there lies Glasgow, a great Port and engineering centre with over a million inhabitants. Here there have been built Britain’s greatest ships, the Queen Mary and the Queen Elisabeth, and there are no greater expert shipbuilders in the world than those of Glasgow.

9) Other important Scottish industries are fishing and farming practised for centuries. Today farming especially needs modern methods and many farmers are finding it difficult «to make both ends meet».

10) Until the seventeenth century England and Scotland had separate kings. But in 1603 it so happened that the same man became the king of both countries as King James I of England and James VI of Scotland. The two nations still remained apart, and a hundred years went by before they were united politically and economically in 1707. It is interesting to note that the British kings are still crowned both in England and Scotland.

#1.(…) Has the beauty of Scottish scenery somehow inspired the Scots?

#2. (…) Which Scottish city is often compared to another beautiful European city?

#3. (…) Whose memory is cherished in heroic and romantic Scottish songs ?

#4. (…) Scotland and England have different kings at present, don’t they?

#5. (…) Why does one of the Scottish industries of long standing demand radical modernization?

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