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1) There is a law in the USA which prohibits people from drinking or buying any alcoholic beverage.

2) When you buy or order an alcoholic drink, you may be asked to show proof of your age. You must be 21 or over.

3) You will need a photo — ID (identification card), such as a passport or driver license.

4) You will not be allowed in bars and discotheques if you are under 21 You may be stopped at the entrance and asked to show your ID.

5) Bar owners can lose their license to serve alcoholic beverages if they serve alcohol to minors (people below the legal drinking age).

6) You should also be aware that there are very strict laws against drinking just before or while driving a car.

7) In some places it-is illegal to have an open can or bottle of alcohol in car.

8 ) In some places there are laws that control the place or time when alcohol can be drunk or served, e.g. in some places alcohol cannot be sold on Sunday.

9) In some public places (beaches, parks), you cannot drink alcohol.

10) Smoking is not prohibited in many public places and not acceptable in many private homes.

#1.(…) Who are minors?

#2. (…) Can Americans smoke in public places?

#3. (…) What age is it allowed to buy alcoholic beverages at?

#4. (…) What are the public places where one can be fined for drinking alcohol?

#5. (…) What documents must be shown to prove the age?

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