Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) The concept of equality is extremely important in the USA.

2) Americans generally say that all people are the same, regardless of social, economic, racial, ethnic, or gender differences.

3) They expect to have an equal opportunity to achieve personal and professional goals.

4) Americans can become very angry if they think they are not being given an equal opportunity to complete or improve their lives.

5) Fair government and equal protection by law are very important. Americans may also become angry with people who expect special favours or treatment.

6) When they think someone is not being fair or is looking for special treatment they are likely to say, «Who do you think you are?» They also get angry with people who will not wait for their turn.

7) There are, of course, social and class differences in the USA and many inequalities in American life. Most Americans are aware of these inequalities, but they would rather think that the USA is a country where «all Men are created equal» and they have certain Rights and «among these are Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness».

8 ) Partly because of this strong belief in equality, Americans may seem very informal. But informality does not mean a lack of respect. It shows individual equality — an important American value.

9) Americans value personal independence and self-reliance. This individualistic orientation means that people believe they are responsible for their own happiness and future, and that they should not depend on others to make them happy and successful.

10) This does not mean that they do not work together or help one another or co-operate. It means that each person is responsible for his or her own life.

#1.(…) What do most Americans think about their country?

#2. (…) Do many Americans refuse to help one another and work together?

#3. (…) What impression on other nations do many Americans make: formal or informal?

#4. (…) What do Americans say about people?

#5. (…) What may an unequal opportunity to improve one’s life lead to?

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