Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) A famous English essayist once wrote about an incident that occurred during his babyhood.

2) His aunt, Lady Astor, had a glass eye, but this was a well-kept secret that was known only to the family and servants.

3) One evening, his aunt and uncle were giving a party at their home in the English countryside. It was his aunt’s birthday and the atmosphere was a joyful one.

4) There was one guest present who had never met Lady Astor; he decided that matters would be easier if he just walked up to her and introduced himself.

5) After doing so, he remarked that her eyes were beautiful.

6) The butler who was walking by with a tray, said without thinking, «Yes, didn’t they do a fine job of matching her new eye to her old one!»

7) At that the guest turned red and disappeared.

8 ) Lady Astor immediately fired the butler, declaring that she wouldn’t tolerate this betrayal of the secrets of one’s employer.

9) The butler begged to be reinstated but Lady Astor was merciless.

10) This incident took place in front of all the guests, to the great enjoyment of everyone present.

#1. (A .) What was the secret kept by Lady Astor’s family and servants?

#2. (…) Why did the essayist’s aunt and uncle give a party?

#3. (…) What was the remark of one of the guests who had never met Lady Astor before?

#4. (…) What did the butler say without thinking?

#5. (…)What was Lady Astor’s reaction towards the words said by the butler?

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