Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Mother Rigby gave Feathertop much money, and said, «Now you are as good as any of them, and can hold your head high with importance.»

2) But she told Feathertop that he must never lose his pipe and must never let it stop smoking. She warned him that if his pipe ever stopped smoking, he would fall down and become just a bundle of sticks again.

3) «Have no fear, Mother,» Feathertop said in a big voice and blew a big cloud of smoke out of his mouth.

4) «On your way,» Mother Rigby said, pushing Feathertop out the door. «The world is yours. And if anybody asks you for your name, just say Feathertop. For you have a feather in your hat and a handful of feathers in your empty head.»

5) Feathertop found the streets empty, but later he walked along one of the busy streets in town, and many people started to look at him.

6) They looked at his beautiful purple coat and his white silk stockings, and at the pipe he carried in his left hand, which he put back into his mouth every five steps he walked. They thought he was a visitor of great importance.

7) «What a fine, noble face!» one man said. «He surety is somebody,» said another. «A great leader of men.»

8 ) As Feathertop walked along one of the quieter streets near the edge of the town, he saw a very pretty girl standing in front of a small redbrick house. A little boy was standing next to her.

9) The pretty girl smiled at Feathertop, and love entered her heart. It made her whole face bright with sunlight.

10) Feathertop looked at her and had a feeling he had never known before. Suddenly everything seemed a little different to him. The air was filled with a strange excitement. The sunlight glowed along the road, and people seemed to dance as they moved through the streets.

#1.(…) Did Mother Rigby’s Feathertop have to give up smoking?

#2. (…) What impression did he manage to make on the people in the town streets due to his appearance and clothing?

#3. (…) When did the world seem to become completely new and strange for him?

#4. (…) What did the people in the town conclude about his face?

#5. (…) Why could Feathertop go around full of pride?

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