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1) Now the room looked cold and unfamiliar. «Who are you?» the walls seemed to say. «Who am I?» Mr. Mindon said in a loud voice.

2) » I’ll tell you who I am! 1 am the man who paid for every piece of furniture in this room. If it were not for me and my money, this room would be empty!»

3) Suddenly, Mr. Mindon felt taller. He marched across his wife’s room. It belonged to him, didn’t it? The house belonged to him, too. He felt powerful. He sat at the table and wrote a letter to Millicent.

4) One of the servants came into the room. «Did you call, sir?» he asked.

5) «No,» Mr. Mindon replied, «but since you are here, please telephone for a taxi cab at once.» The taxi took him to a hotel near his bank. A clerk showed him to his room. It smelled of cheap soap. The window in the room was open and hot noises came up from the street.

6) Mr. Mindon looked at his watch. Four o’clock. He wondered if Mil-licent had come home yet and read his letter. His head began to ache and he lay down on the bed.

7) When he woke up, it was dark. He looked at his watch. Eight o’clock. Millicent must be dressing for dinner. They were supposed to go to Mrs. Targe’s house for dinner tonight.

8 ) Well, Mr. Mindon thought, Millicent would have to go alone. Maybe she would ask Thomas Antrim to take her to the party!

9) Mr. Mindon realized he was hungry. He left his room and walked down the stairs to the hotel dining room. The air, smelling of coffee and fried food, wrapped itself around his head.

10) Mr. Mindon could not eat much of the food that the hotel waiter brought him. He went back to his room, feeling sick. He also felt hot and dirty in the clothing he had worn all day. He had never realized how much he loved his home!

#1. (…) Where did Mr. Mindon work?

#2. (…) Did he feel fine or sick after leaving home?

#3. (…) What realization came upon him in the end?

#4. (…) What were their plans for that evening?

#5. (…) Did he leave any message for his wife?

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