Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) As time passed, I saw that Bartleby never went out to eat dinner. Indeed, he never went anywhere. At eleven o’clock each morning, one of the men would bring Bartleby some ginger cakes.

2)»Umm. He lives on them,» I thought. «Poor fellow! He is a hard worker and does not mean to hurt me in anyway. He is a little foolish at times, but he is useful to me.» . ,..»

3) «Bartleby,» I said one afternoon. «Please go to the post office and bring my mail.» «I do not want to.»

4) I walked back to my office too shocked to think. Let’s see. The problem here is: one of my workers named Bartleby will not do some of the things I ask him to do.

5) He will not check his own work and he will not do the little jobs. One important thing about him though is, he is always in his office.

6) One Sunday I walked to my office to do some work. When I placed the key in the door, I couldn’t open it. I stood a little surprised, then called, thinking someone might be inside.

7) There was — Bartleby. He came from his office and told me he did not want to let me in.

8 ) The idea of Bartleby living in my law office had such a strange effect on me, I slunk away much like a dog does when it has been shouted at, with its tail between its legs.

9) Was anything wrong? I did not for a moment believe Bartleby would keep a woman in my office. But for some time he must have eaten, dressed, and slept there.

10) How lonely and friendless Bartleby must be! I decided to help him. The next morning I called him to my office.

#1. (…) What was the most significant feature of Bartleby’s work in the lawyer’s office?

#2. (…) Where did he go out to his lunch or dinner?

#3. (…) He would too eagerly do anything the lawyer asked him to do, wouldn’t he?

#4. (…) What impression did Bartleby’s living in the law office produce on the owner?

#5. (…) Was the old lawyer a sympathetic and understanding man?

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