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1) For a moment I saw nothing in that drop of water. Then 1 saw a pure, white light. Carefully, 1 moved the lens of my microscope closer to the drop of water. Slowly, the white light began to change.

2) It began to form shapes — I could see clouds and wonderful trees and flowers. These plants were the most unusual colours: bright red, green, purple, as well as silver and gold. The branches of these trees moved slowly in a soft wind. Everywhere I looked, I could see different fruits and flowers of a thousand different colours.

3) «How strange,» I thought, «that this beautiful place has no animal life in it.» Then, I saw something moving slowly among the brightly-coloured trees and bushes. The branches of a purple and silver bush were gently pushed aside.

4) There, before my eyes, stood the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! She was perfect: pink skin, large blue eyes, and long golden hair that fell over her shoulders to her knees.

5) She stepped away from the rainbow-coloured trees. Like a flower floating on water, she drifted through the air; Watching her move was like listening to the sound of tiny bells ringing in the wind. She went to the rainbow-coloured trees and looked up at one of them.

6) The tree moved one of its branches that was full of fruit. It lowered the branch to her and she took one of the fruits. She turned it in her tiny hands and began to eat. How I wished I had the power to enter that bright light and float with her through those beautiful forests!

7) Suddenly, I realized I had fallen in love with this tiny creature! I loved someone who would never love me back! Someone who was a prisoner in a drop of water! I ran out of the room, threw myself on my bed, and cried until I fell asleep.

8 ) Day after day, I returned to my microscope to watch her. I never left my apartment. I rarely even ate or slept.

9) One day, as usual, I went to my microscope, ready to watch my love. She was there, but a terrible change had taken place! Her face had become thin, and she could hardly walk. The wonderful light in her golden hair and blue eyes was gone. She was sick! At that moment I would have given my soul to become as small as she and enter her world to help her.

10) What was causing her to be so sick? She seemed in great pain. I watched her for hours — helpless and alone with my breaking heart.

#1.(…) Was the woman a picture of beauty?

#2. (…) What did the young man become conscious of all of a sudden?

#3. (…) Did he go out very often?

#4. (…) Could this young man help this beautiful woman?

#5. (…) What did he compare her to?

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