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1) Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important national and religious American holidays. It is widely celebrated every year on the last Thursday oi November. The first Thanksgiving day was observed in 1621.

2) In 1620 about 100 Englishmen, who set out to seek their fortune in the «New World», sailed to America on a ship called the «Mayflower». The pilgrims wanted religious freedom.

3) After a two months’ journey they landed on the east coast of North America near Cape Cod, on a cold November day. There they founded the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

4) Their life was very hard, food turned out to be scarce and they hunted wild turkeys and other animals in the woods. About fifty of the first settlers died of hunger and illness during the first winter.

5) Next spring nature came to life again and so sprang the hopes of the settlers. They went on working on the land, growing corn and pumpkins.

6) Their first harvest was a good one and the Englishmen decided tc thank God for it. That was the first Thanksgiving Day. There was a celebration for three days.

7) Nowadays Thanksgiving Day is a day for the whole family reunion to share a festive dinner. The traditional dish on this day is turkey with cranberry sauce and vegetables.

8 ) After that they often have a pumpkin pie. The table is usually beautifully decorated with apples, nuts, autumn flowers and leaves.

9) Here is an English prayer said before meals: «For what we are about to receive, О Lord, make us truly thankful».

10) Every Thanksgiving Day Macy’s department store organizes a Parade in New York City with large floats, balloons of popular cartoon characters, famous television stars and bands from all over the United states. Each year, more than 55 million people watch the Thanksgiving Parade on tevision. Macy’s started this tradition in 1924.

#1. (…)Why is Thanksgiving considered to be an important religious holiday?

#2. (…)Did the voyage of the Pilgrims last long?

#3. (…) Why do Americans say «Happy Turkey Day!» on the last Thursday of November?

#4. (…) What was the settltrs’ first winter like in America?

#5. (…) What customary celebration is connected with one of the most popular shops in the USA?

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