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1) St. Andrews in Scotland, the traditional home of golf, is the best place to find out about the great moments and great players of golf’s 500 year history.

2) Situated directly opposite the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, the British Golf Museum is the most exciting of its kind in Scotland, where audio-visual displays and touch activated screens bring the game to life.

3) Even if you know absolutely everything about golf, you are bound to discover something new about the game at the British Golf Museum.

4) You can learn a lot about its humble beginnings, why King James II banned the game and what feathers and gutta percha have got to do with golf balls.

5) Everything that’s best of the 500 year history of the game is on the display here. You can walk round the galleries and trace the development of golf as well as re-live famous golfing moments- stroke for stroke.

6) The museum is home to the most innovative multi-media system in the UK. You can test your knowledge of the game and its rules — all at the touch of a screen.

7) Thanks to Compact Disc Interactive (GDI) technology, specially designed, developed and supplied by Phillips Electronics, you can listen to commentaries and see biographies of the players accompanied by video and photographs.

8 ) A display area has been set aside to house major exhibitions of special interest brought from around the world, and it is always changing and always entertaining.

9) You can take a look at the photographs of glamorous golfers through the ages and then relax while professionals show you how the golf strokes are done. The museum’s video theatre traces the great from past to present and you can pick up a few tips on how to play from the comfort of your chair.

10) In the museum gift shop amongst a host of golf items you will find sweaters, books, reproductions and pocket money items for children. The British Golf Museum makes a great day out.

#1. (…) Which company provided the British Golf Museum with the most advanced video displays?

#2. (…) How can you check everything you know about this game?

#3. (…) What souvenirs can tourists buy on their outing in the museum? #4. (…) Which part of Britain has the reputation of being the birthplace of golf playing?

#4. (…) Which part of Britain has the reputation of being the birthplace of golf playing?

#5. (…) You can discover very many interesting facts about golf, its history and different golf items since its dawn up to the present day in this museum ,can’t you?

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