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l)The street called Whitehall stretches from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square.

2) Just as Westminster frequently stands for the Houses of Parliament, so Whitehall is often used as the name for the Civil Service.

3) Downing Street, which is a small side, street off Whitehall, is the home of the Prime Minister, who lives at Number Ten.

4) Next door at Number Eleven lives the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who is responsible for financial planning and the British economy in general.

5) Just around the corner in Whitehall itself are all important ministries: the Foreign Office, the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office and the Treasury.

6) In the middle of Whitehall there is the Cenotaph, the monument where the Queen lays the first wreath of poppies, on Remembrance Day.

7) On that day in November each year, the people of Britain remember their dead from the two world wars of the last century by wearing a red paper poppy and observing a two^minute silence.

8 ) If now you walk along Whitehall you will soon come to Trafalgar Square. It was named so in the memory of the victory in the battle of Trafalgar, where on October, 10, 1805, the British fleet under Nelson’s command defeated the combined fleet of France and Spain.

9) The victory was won at the cost of Nelson’s life. In the middle of Trafalgar Square there stands Nelson’s Monument — a tall column with the figure of Admiral Nelson at its top. The column is guarded by four bronze lions.

10) The fine building facing the square is the National Gallery and adjoining it, but just round the corner, is the Portrait Gallery. Not far away there is the British Museum with its priceless collection of ancient manuscripts, coins, sculptures, etc. and its library, one of the richest in the world.

#1 (…) What does Trafalgar Square commemorate?

#2. (…) What was the British price of getting the upper hand in the battle of Trafalgar?

#3. (…) Who necessarily attends the ceremony taking place at the foot of the monument in Whitehall?

#4. (…) Where can one find the most significant offices of Britain?

#5. (…) What does Whitehall mean figuratively?

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