Знайдіть відповіді на запитання до тексту.

1) Edinburgh’s much-loved Museum of Childhood is a favourite with adults and children alike.

2) The Museum was founded by Patrick Murray (1908-1981), an Edinburgh town councillor. In 1955 he persuaded the civic authorities to make some space available at Lady Stair’s House Museum for a display of objects reflecting all aspects of the life of children in the past.

3) The idea immediately attracted the attention and sympathy of the public and there was a flood of donations of treasured childhood belongings.

4) By 1957 the collection had become so large that it was moved to its own building, an 18th century tenement house in Edinburgh’s High Street.

5) It was the first museum in the world to be devoted solely to the history of childhood. Later, Patrick Murray left, the town council to become its curator.

6) A brilliant collector and publicist, Murray built up a world-wide reputation for the museum. He considered that it was an institution devoted to a special aspect of social history and was not intended for children.

7) Despite the words of its founder, the museum has always been so hugely popular with the children, that it is described as «the noisiest museum in the world».

8 ) This treasure-house was greatly expanded and re-displayed in 1986 and the exhibition space was almost doubled.

9) The museum has five public galleries. A list of their contents makes it sound like a magic department store, full of memories and joys of childhood. There are riding toys, pull and push toys, dolls’ houses and prams, boats and toy animals, trains and soldiers and many other toys.

10) A visit to this fascinating museum is highly recommended for it is guaranteed to make you smile!

#1.(…) When was the Museum of Childhood almost twice enlarged?

#2. (…) What is the proof of the people’s appreciation of this institution since its early days?

#3. (…) The initiator and curator of this unique and noisy treasure-house was a physician, wasn’t he?

#4. (…)What is the special fascination and oroginal attraction of this museum deserving to be included into the tourist list and on the day out? #5. (…) What association does it immediately bring to mind?

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