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1) Looking at the map of London its parks stand out like islands in the very centre of its vast sea of streets and buildings.

2) Here the visitor may take a walk at leisure and forget about the frantic activity beyond.

3) Hyde Park, a delightful expanse of grass and woodland covering 360 acres, is the best place for such a relaxation.

4) St.James’s Park is by far the prettiest and the oldest of the Royal parks and it is a joy to walk in it at any season of the year.

5) Green Park is the smallest Royal park in the central part of London consisting mainly of grassland and trees. It is a very peaceful place from Piccadilly’s traffic.

6) Regent’s Park was designed by John Nash and first opened to the public in 1838. The Zoological Gardens at the north end of the park are very popular with children, especially its Pet’s Corner, but its main objective is scientific.

7) Grosvenor Square, named after a rich landowner, is one of the oldest of London squares, dominated by the modern American Embassy which takes up the whole of its west side.

8 ) Leicester Square, surrounded by cinemas and restaurants, dates back from 1874 when it was laid out by Albert Grant who also provided the central white marble fountain and the statue of Shakespeare.

9) Trafalgar Square commemorates Nelson’s naval victory of 1805. Nelson’s Column, the four bronze lions at its base, the fountains and friendly pigeons make this square a popular place for Londoners and tourists alike. Its size and central position provide a focal point for political demonstrations and public meetings.

10) Piccadilly Circus at night is a blaze of colour from the huge neon advertisements. Situated at the very centre of London’s entertainment world in the West End it is a great attraction to tourists who are drawn to it by some mysterious force, perhaps by the statue of Eros in its centre.

#1.(…) Which of the Royal parks of London has the longest history?

#2. (…) What do people realize while examining their routes on a schematic representation of England’s capital?

#3. (…) Where can you see the statue of the Great Bard in London?

#4. (…) Which of London’s parks is distinguished by its tiny size ana restfully pleasing atmosphere?

#5. (…) If one needs an American visa, what place in London must he get to?

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