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1) There is probably no one among book-lovers who has not heard of Sherlock Holmes, the skilful and clever detective in the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. .

2) Sherlock Holmes’s method of analyzing the most difficult problem was to notice the smallest things and facts, even if they seemed unimportant.

3) His method never failed, for the criminal always had to give up and to become a prisoner of the detective.

4) Once Conan Doyle arrived in Paris, after spending a month in the south of France. There was a long row of cabs outside the gate of the railway station. He got into the first cab and ordered the driver to take him to a good hotel.

5) The driver was silent all the way to the hotel, but when Conan Doyle paid him, he said, «Thank you, Sir Conan Doyle.» «How do you know who I am?» the famous detective asked in the greatest surprise.

6) «I have never seen you before,» the man answered, «so I can’t pretend that I have recognized you. But I have always been proud of my memory. Besides, I have always been able to notice small things.»

7) Then he went on. «I read in the newspapers that you were expected in Paris after your vacation in the south of France. The train you arrived on came from the south of France.»

8 ) After that he added, «I could tell from your clothes, especially your hat, and also from the strange way you pronounced French words that you were English. These facts helped me to guess you were probably Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.»

9) «Fine words! Wonderful !» cried Conan Doyle. «You have analyzed the facts quite correctly. It’s a pity you are not a detective!»

10) «Of course,» the driver added, «your name is on both your travelling bags. I can’t pretend that the fact didn’t help.»

#1. (…) Was Sherlock Holmes’ procedure of investigating the crime always successful?

#2. (…) Where did the famous detective go for his holiday?

#3. (…) Was the cab driver extremely talkative on their way?

#4. (…) What did the driver take rightful and natural pride in?

#5. (…) Which was the most revealing fact among other things?

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