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1) By the time she had finished tidying up, Bill was almost ready to go. He was looking for his gloves.

2) «You needn’t worry about me, Mum,» he declared. «If the fog thickens, Harold will put me up for the night. I’ll give you a ring. I give your my word I’ll take no risks.»

3) «I hope not,» she said. «I’ll be waiting up till you call.»

4) He kissed her good-bye and moved off noisily down the road. He turned, waved and disappeared into the mist.

5) She had always enjoyed being alone. Bill had repaired the radio so she could listen to it.

6) And inevitably there was a pile of washing that needed ironing. There were also clothes to be mended and patched. «By the time Bill returns I shall have done the whole work,» she thought. She couldn’t get rid of the feeling that her son was in danger.

7) She made up the fire with a few logs of wood and lay back in the rocking chair. She had never thought she would feel so lonely. The clock ticked rhythmically, her eyes closed and she slept peacefully.

8 ) She woke up with a sick feeling of dread. The room was in darkness. Before turning on the light, she came up to the window. She could see almost nothing through the yellow fog.

9) Her uneasy feeling of coming catastrophe was increasing; she pulled herself together. Heavy steps were approaching the house.

10) There was a single commanding knock. She went to open the door. On the threshold stood a tall grave-faced policeman.

#1.(…) Was Bill’s mother generally fond of being alone at home?

#2. (…) What did her son Bill tenderly promised to do?

#3. (…) What feeling overcame her suddenly as soon as he went away?

#4. (…) Why couldn’t she see anything out of the window?

#5. (…) Who came to break the tragic news?

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