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1) Buckingham Palace, a mixture of the old and the new, is better known to all as the Queen’s official London home.

2) On her succession to the throne in 1837, Queen Victoria made it her permanent home, the first monarch to do so, and instituted the custom by which the Royal Standard is flown from the flagstaff to show that the sovereign is in residence.

3) The Queen’s Gallery is open to the public and presents an ever-changing display of art treasures from the royal collection.

4) Beyond the Palace there is the Royal Mews where the horses and coaches used on state occasions are stabled.

5) The elaborate Victorian Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace, the Mall and the Admiralty Arch were all part of the nation’s tribute to Queen Victoria, constructed between 1910-1912.

6) The Memorial comprises a seated figure of the Queen looking towards the Mall surrounded by several symbolic groups, surmounted by the guilt winged figure of Victory supported by Courage and Constancy.

7) The Mall is a wide tree-lined driveway linking Buckingham Palace with Trafalgar Square and is the best point for viewing all Royal processions.

8 ) Spanning the entrance to the Mall from Trafalgar Square is the Admiralty Arch through the centre of which only the sovereign may pass.

9) Albert Hall was the pride of Victorian London and it was named after Queen Victoria’s consort (husband), the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences.

10) The elliptical domed building, completed in 1871, has a capacity of 8000 people and serves a variety of purposes, the most popular — despite its imperfect acoustics — being the Annual Promenade Concerts founded by Sir Henry Wood.

#1.(…) Which part of the Palace of the Royal family admits visitors?

#2. (…) Who initiated a certain symbolic signal of Queen’s residence in Buckingham Palace?

#3. (…) Was Queen Victoria highly respected by her people?

#4. (…) What traditional musical festivals are held in Albert Hall every year?

#5. (…) Can anyone go through the entrance to the Mall from Trafalgar Square?

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