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1) London’s centre is extremely rich in magnificent and memorable places of interest attracted by numerous visitors the world over.

2) The graceful cast-iron Westminster Bridge was constructed between 1854 and 1862 to replace the earlier one made of stone.

3) The design blends well with the neo-Gothic style of the Houses of Parliament, more correctly called the Palace of Westminster.

4) At the south end of the bridge there is the bronze statue of Queen Boadicea by Thomas Thorncroft, unveiled in 1902.

5) Boadicea, widow of the King of Iceni, rebelled against the Roman occupation and in 61A.D. attacked the City which was razed to the ground and most of its inhabitants were killed.

6) The professionally trained and better armoured Roman army subsequently proved superior to the Britons who were slaughtered without pity or mercy.

7) Boadicea and her daughters took poison to avoid a more terrible death.

8 ) Whitehall is the street linking Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square and is known for its concentration of Government offices and historic buildings.

9) The Banqueting Hall, designed in 1619 for King James I, is all that remains today of Whitehall Palace, used earlier by Oliver Cromwell for the reception of visiting ambassadors.

10) Downing Street, off Whitehall, is undoubtedly the most famous street in London, for No. 10 is the official home of the Prime Minister (since 1735), No.II is occupied by the Chancellor of the Exchequer while No.12 is the office of the government Chief Whip.

#1. (…) Which place in London served major diplomatic purposes earlier?

#2. (…) is Whitehall a palace today?

#З. ( ) Is there any harmony between the Houses of Parliament and the graceful Westminster Bridge?

#4 (…) What place is most well-known in London for the concentration of the top rank officials residences?

#5. (…) Why is the rebellious Queen Boadicea’s heroic act in history so majestically commemorated today?

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