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1) Everyone has heard of Bill Gates, the icon of American business and the richest man in the world.

2) Microsoft, the business he started with a friend of his in 1975, has bесоmе the world’s largest computer software company and although the company is in big trouble today — the US Government has broken it up -experts say it will remain successful.

3) Bill Gates was born on the 28th of October, 1955, in Seattle, USA. This city was once famous for producing Boeing aircraft, but is now better known as the home of Microsoft.

4) From his parents Bill got a good business sense and a quick mind. His father was a teacher and then a company director.

5) At school Bill soon showed that he was a very intelligent boy and his favourite subjects were Maths and Science.

6) At 13 Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen got interested in computers and were soon spending all their time writing programmes and earning about computers instead of doing their homework.

7) After finishing school in 1973, Bill went to Harvard, America’s most famous university where he spent most of his time working on the computers in the university laboratory.

8 ) The next year Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote an operating programme for the Altair, one of the world’s first microcomputers. Even then he knew that he would revolutionize the world of computing and he left Harvard before finishing the full course of his studies.

9) In 1980, Gates bought a small company which produced an operating system called DOS, made some changes and renamed it MS-DOS selling the sights to use this system to IBM. Then Microsoft has also developed such well-known programmes as Windows, Excel, and Internet Explorer.

10) Bill’s dream is to computerize everything — TVs, telephones, lights, even the way you cook dinner…

#1.(…) What is Seattle famous and well-known for at present?

#2. (…) Whom did Bill Gates get his great intelligence from?

#3. (…) What business company which turned out to be a great success was founded by Bill Gates?

#4. (…) What higher educational establishment did the founder of Microsoft I graduate from?

#5. (…) Which world known programmes did Bill gates produce and develop?

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