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1) Modern London is formed from the ancient cities of London and Westminster developing over the centuries into what today is a large capital, comprising over 8 million inhabitants in an area of 610 square miles.

2) But it is in the City that we must look for the origins of the London we know it today.

3) London, one of the greatest cities in the world, is at least two thousand years old and was settled long before the first Roman invasion.

4) Over the centuries the City has jealously guarded its independence which has been recognised by a series of royal charters.

5) William the Conqueror acknowledged the City’s special privileges as did King John in his Charter dated May 1215 which confirmed the right to choose a Mayor by annual election.

6) The medieval face of London was dramatically changed by the Great Fire which broke out on September, 2, 1666, in Puddington Lane, less than a year after the Great Plague that claimed over 12000 lives.

7) During a period of four days 13000 houses and over 80 churches were destroyed.

8 ) The Great Fire consumed many of the fine halls of the City Companies, the Royal Exchange, the Guildhall, three of the ancient gates of the City and St.Paul’s Cathedral.

9) Miraculously enough only a few lives were lost but the Fire destroyed over three quarters of the city and along with it priceless records and fine examples of medieval architecture.

10) The Monument was designed by Christopher Wren and erected in 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire. The height is said to be the exact distance from where the fire stared. From a balcony at the top there is a marvellous view of London.

#1.(…) Where must we search for the source of contemporary London?

#2. (…) What event transformed the look of London in the Middle Ages?

#3. (…) How long did the fire last?

#4. (…) How many victims were there in the Great Fire of London?

#5. (…) Which memorial was built in honour of this tragic event?

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