Знайдіть усі можливі помилки у підкреслених фрагментах речень і запишіть цифри у порядку зростання. Цифра (5) означає, що помилок немає.

#1. (……) Since it was so difficult (1) for American Indians to have talks(2) a peace treaty or declare war in their native language(3) they used a universal(4) understood form of sign language. No error (5).

#2. (……) The need ford (1) well-rounded education(2) was an idea expressing(3) by the Greeks in time(4) of Socrates. No error (5).

#3. (……)Nora hardly never(l) misses an(2) opportunity to play in(3) tennis with her best friends(4). No error (5).

#4. (……) Because(l) of the severe snow storm and the road blocks, the(2) air force dropped food(3) and medical supplies close the city(4). No error (5).

#5. (……) The(l) news of the president’s talks with the foreign government were(2) received with mixed emotions(3) by the citizens of both governments(4). No error (5).

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