Знайдіть усі можливі помилки у підкреслених фрагментах речень і запишіть цифри у порядку зростання. Цифра (5) означає, що помилок немає.

#1. (…….) United States is (l)too large; the people and their lifestyles are (2) too different. It may impossible (3) to describe the average American (4). No error (5V

#2. (……) If you want to know if (1) it will rain (2) today, turn on radio or the TV (3) and listen (4) the weather forecast. No error (5).

#3. (……) If the economy of country (1) suddenly improves (2), there may be many reasons or factors which (3) having be caused (4) the change. No error (5).

#4. (……) The earliest settlers (1) came to the North American continent to (2) establish colonies which was free (3) from the controls that existed (4) in European societies. No error (5).

#5. (……)He piled (l)all the files on the desk, as (2) he wasn’t all together (3) sure what to do with (4) them. No error (5).

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