Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова.

1)to report; 2) will be reporting; 3)has reported on; 4) to have been reported; 5) were reporting to; 6) be reported; 7) to be reporting; 8 ) had reported on; 9) on being reported to; 10) have been reported; ll)are reporting; 12) will report on; 13) was reported; 14) having reported on; 15) was reporting

#1.(…) this matter he felt reassured.

#2. The fire (…) to be burning out of control.

#3. When we arrived at the police station several people (…) the police that they had seen the stolen car.

#4. The last meeting of the Security Council seems (…) in every detail by the mass media.

#5. Though Jim works as a correspondent he (…) very few important events since 1990.

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