Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова.

l)go through; 2) go aside; 3)to go off; 4) shall have gone; 5)were going to; 6) had gone; 7) being gone; 8 ) am gone; 9) went; 10)am going; 11) would go in for; 12) going out; 13) was going through; 14) have gone; 15) gone

#1. He doesn’t feel like (…) tonight.

#2. I can smell the sea air. The rest of my life I (…) to spend on the sea.

#3. If I (…) overseas instead of him, I might have learned something and been something.

#4. Every night he went to the music-hall and watched her (…)that performance.

#5. At 6 o’clock p.m. when we (…) the theatre we met our teacher.

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