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Lightning Strike (3)

It is not surprising that people in the past were afraid of lightning and thought it was a sign of anger from their gods. (1) we still find lightning thrilling and fascinating. Up till the 18th century people were given {2} proof that lightning really can strike the same place twice. Between 1388 and 1762, the famous bell tower of San Marco in Venice, was severely (3) or completely destroyed nine times. In England and Wales things are not quite as bad as they were in Italy, but about a dozen people are struck by lightning every year and a quarter of (4) are killed as a result. Men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning than women. Lightning is an important area of (5) for scientists, who are looking for ways to predict storms and protect people.

#1. 1) In fact; 2) As a fact; 3) Factually; 4) In practice.

#2. 1) different; 2) another; 3) dramatic; 4) the same.

#3. 1) hurt; 2) wounded; 3) injured; 4) damaged.

#4. 1) it; 2) this; 3) that; 4) those.

#5.1) research; 2) search; 3) opening; 4) fortune telling.

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