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Pilot Holds New York Hostage

The first word of (1) came at 10.20 a.m. when a police department official telephoned the United Nations and informed the Secretary General ;hat a lunatic pilot in the area planned (2) his plane into the United Nations building. The UN was evacuated, fire teams moved into the UN grounds to cope with the disaster. Then the police corrected their (3) report. The target of the pilot, Richard Boudin, was not the UN, but the publishing company, housed in a building two blocks from the UN. Mr. Boudin apparently felt that his novel, «Confessions of a Counterfeiter», was not getting enough publicity, ?4} he chartered the plane at a New Jersey airport and radioed that he was going to destroy the publishing house. Soon (5) the president of the publishing company agreed to talk with Mr. Boudin, if he would land at La Guardian Airport. Mr.Boudin accepted and flew off, the crisis over. Police said Mr. Boudin would be charged with endangerment and other offences.

#1. 1) the threat; 2) the gossip; 3) the rumour; 4) the history.

#2. 1) to sit; 2) to bite; 3) to take off; 4) to fly.

#3. 1) primitive; 2) pilot; 3) original; 4) hostage.

#4. 1) because; 2) so; 3) however; 4) besides.

#5.1) afternoon; 2) after noon; 3) after such; 4) towards noon.

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