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Traffic Lights

The first traffic lights signal was invented by a railway signalling engineer. It was installed (1) the Houses of Parliament in 1868. It looked like any railway signal of the time , and was operated by gas. However, it exploded and killed a policeman and the accident (2) further development until cars became common. Modern traffic lights are an American (3). Red-green systems were installed in 1914. Three-colour signals, operated by hand from a tower in the middle of the street, were installed in New York in 1918. The first lights of this type in Britain were in London on the junction between St. James’s Street and Piccadilly, in 1925. In the past, traffic lights were (4). In New York, some lights had a statue on top. In Los Angeles the lights did not change ?5) but rang bells to wake the sleeping motorists of the 1930s. These are gone and have been replaced by standard models, which are universally adopted.

#1. 1) inside; 2) in; 3) outside; 4) in front.

#2. 1) discouraged; 2) disappointed; 3) displeased; 4) disarmed.

#3. 1) discovery; 2) puzzle; 3) intelligence; 4) invention.

#4. 1) tragic; 2) useless; 3) active; 4) special.

#5. 1) loudly; 2) silently; 3) slowly; 4) quickly.

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