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The Adopted Twins

In 1939 in Pigua, Ohio, identical new-born twins were adopted by two families who (1) that the other baby had died. The Springers lived in Dayton the Lewises in Lima, 80 miles away. Six years later Mrs. Lewis learnt by accident that the other twin was (2) and was also called James. James Springer grew up thinking his twin was dead, (3) James Lewis didn’t know where his twin was and hesitated for many years before looking for him through the jungle of adopting courts. In 1979 they met. In their lives apart, the two James had married and divorced Lindas and had remarried Betties; and had taken holidays on the same beach in Florida. (4) had had the police training. One is now a security guard, the other is a records clerk. When they met, their families noted similar speech patterns and mannerisms. (5) James Lewis had short hair combed back and James Springer had long hair combed forward…

#1) talked; 2) invented; 3) discovered; 4) were told.

#2. 1) dead; 2) alive; 3) healthy; 4) live.

#3,1) so; 2) though; 3) while; 4) although.

#4. 1) Both; 2) Some; 3) Both they; 4) Some of the twins

#5. 1) Also; 2) Besides; 3) Still; 4) But.

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