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Sir Ernest Shackleton, the Antarctic Explorer

The Antarctic Explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, lost his ship in the ice in 1915, but led his men to (1) on Elephant Island. Then he decided to try to reach South Georgia, 800 miles away, in a small boat. He (2) on the uninhabited south-west coast of the island, and with two companions crossed the mountains to the whaling station of Stromness. When they set off (3) the whaling station, not more than a mile and a half distant, they were shivering with cold, yet with their hearts light and happy. Their beards were long, they were unwashed and the garments ?4) they had worn for nearly a year without a change were tattered and stained. More unpleasant-looking ruffians could hardly be imagined. But the difficulties of «he journey lay behind them. The 22 men left on Elephant Island were (5) eventually rescued.

#1. 1) luxury; 2) poverty; 3) treasure; 4) safety.

#2. 1) reached; 2) landed; 3) arrived; 4) swam.

#3. 1) towards; 2) back; 3) in the direction; 4) backwards.

#4. 1) what; 2) whole; 3) that; 4) while.

#5. 1) partially; 2) wholly; 3) all; 4) almost.

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