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Casablanca, the Best Loved of All Motion Pictures

This is the summary of the film «Casablanca», probably the best-love ! of all motion pictures. In 1941 Casablanca was the last stage for refugees hoping to escape from the Nazis via Lisbon to the United States, which had not yet ?1} World War II. Rick, an American adventurer, ran (2) and claimed to be neutral. In Paris, before the Nazi occupation, he was in love with Lisa, the widow (as she thought) of a resistance leader, but she left him (as he thought) when they were going to escape. (3), she received news that her husband was alive and reappeared with him in Casablanca. Rick, who was (4) in love with Lisa, helped her and her husband to go to the United States, which required the help of the corrupt prefect of the police. In the final scene at the airport, Rick shot Major Strasse, who came to prevent Lisa and her husband from (5) the plane. They left and the prefect of the police changed sides and went to the headquarters of the Free French with Rick, who decided to take part in the war.

#1. 1) taken; 2) joined to; 3) entered; 4) fought.

#2. 1) a cafe; 2) the war; 3) the battle; 4) a trick.

#3.1) final; 2) as a fact; 3) in final; 4) in fact.

#4. 1) until; 2) still; 3) yet; 4) last.

#5.1) flying; 2) catching; 3) enjoying; 4) throwing.

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