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Happy (1) For the Kidnapped Girl

Mr. and Mrs. Peters were especially happy when they celebrated their daughter Marian’s first birthday at a restaurant at the Strand yesterday. Marian was kidnapped last July by Alice McBurg, 31, who had been (2} to take care of her as a child-minder. Mrs. Peters had left Marian with McBurg on the first day of her return to work at a bank in London. Marian was taken to McBurg’s home in Wales, (3) police found her, unharmed, three days later. Mrs. Peters said yesterday, «At the (4) times in those three days it seemed we would never see her again.» She also said she had no thought now of going back to work. She just couldn’t leave Marian with anybody else. She loved looking (5) her.

#1. 1) review; 2) Renaissance; 3) returns; 4) recall.

#2. 1) given; 2) paid; 3) tried; 4) stolen.

#3. 1) where; 2) as soon as; 3) until; 4) consequently.

#4. 1) first; 2) worst; 3) happiest; 4) tragedy.

#5.1) for; 2) on; 3) of; 4) after.

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