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What Happened While the Train Was in the Tunnel?

In the compartment of a train travelling through the countryside, there were four people — a young girl, an old lady, an army officer and a young cockney. Suddenly the train went into a tunnel: for half a minute (1) was in complete darkness, and in the darkness came the sound of a large kiss (2) almost immediately by a loud slap. When the train emerged and it was light again, everybody saw the officer with a bleeding nose and a swollen eye. The old lady thought that the young girl hit the officer (3) stealing a kiss. The young girl thought it was strange that the officer kissed the old lady and not her. The poor officer thought that the cockney kissed the girl and the girl hit him. And the cockney laughed silently at the trick he (4). «I’m a clever chap,» he thought (5). «I kissed the back of my hand, hit the officer in the face and nobody said the word.»

#1. 1) the trolley; 2) the truck; 3) the carriage; 4) the locomotive.

#2. 1) preceded; 2) following; 3) preceding; 4) followed.

#3. 1) because; 2) in spite of; 3) for; 4) to.

#4. 1) had smiled; 2) was playing; 3) got; 4) had played.

#5.1) oneself; 2) to himself; 3) got; 4) to him.

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