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Beatrice and the Nightingale

One warm night in 1924, the cellist Beatrice Harrison went out to play her cello in the woods behind her cottage. To her surprise, she heard a bird echoing her playing. The sound was incredibly beautiful, and she knew it could only be a nightingale. The next night and nearly every night after that, the nightingale was the-re again. Beatrice (1) believe what was happening: she was playing duets with (2). Beatrice persuaded the BBC to set up their microphones in her garden. With technology of the time, this was (3). But the sound engineers made careful preparation, and everything was ready. For a long time it seemed as if the nightingale (4). Beatrice played for two hours with no reaction. But suddenly, to everybody’s (5), the wonderful notes began to fill the night… The record of the duet of Beatrice and the Nightingale became one of the most successful records sold in the 1930s.

#1.1) couldn’t hardly; 2) could easy; 3) could hardly; 4) tried hard to

#2. 1) so wild bird; 2) a wild bird; 3) such a wild bird; 4) a bird wildly

#3. 1) no easy task; 2) not easy task; 3) easy task; 4) an easy task

#4. 1) was going to come; 2) was not going to come; 3) was not going; 4) went

#5. 1) success; 2) trial; 3) fame; 4) relief.

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