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Smuggling Trucks

Sam Levis was a customs officer. He worked in a small border town. It wasn’t a busy town and there wasn’t much work. The road was usually very quiet and ?1} many travellers. It wasn’t a very interesting job, but Sam liked an easy life. About once (2). he used to meet an old man. His name was Draper. He always arrived (3) the border in a big truck. The truck was always empty. Sam searched the truck but never (4) anything. Once he asked Draper about his job. Draper laughed and said, «I’m a smuggler.» (5) year Sam retired and went on holiday to Bermuda where one day in a luxury hotel he met Draper. He asked Draper what he had smuggled. The answer was… «Trucks!»

#1.1) there wasn’t; 2) were; 3) there weren’t; 4) was.

#2. 1) in a week; 2) a week; 3) in week; 4) on a week.

#3.1) at; 2) to; 3) on; 4) towards.

#4. 1) founded; 2) find; 3) didn’t find; 4) found.

#5. 1) latest; 2) in last; 3) lastly; 4) last.

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