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April Fools’ Joke

A few years ago (1) was a very unclear photograph of a man on the front page of «The Guardian» newspaper. The article said that it was the first picture ever taken and that it was (2) seventy or more years older than any other photo in the world. Somebody in Japan discovered it hidden in a cave where it had been untouched for over centuries. Apparently an unknown Japanese scientist ha.d invented special technique for making photographic negatives before anybody in Europe. A special exhibition was arranged just for one day for the public to view it in London. The reason for short viewing was because the negative was so old and (3) in the light for very long. When people went there, there was nothing to see. The article had been written (4) of April, which is April Fools’ Day, the day when people play (5) their friends.

#1. 1) it; 2) there; 3) their; 4)-

#2. 1) at least; 2) at the least; 3) at last; 4) last.

#3. 1) could be; 2) could not be; 3) could; 4) be.

#4. 1) in the first; 2) since the first; 3) at the first; 4) on the first.

#5.1) in jokes; 2) jokes on; 3) with jokes about; 4) jokes in.

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