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The Train Not Stopping at Platform One

British Rail passengers from London to Oxford had (1) tour via Swindow after train driver forgot to stop at Didcot. People getting ready to change for a connecting train to Oxford on Saturday evening heard the guard (2) Didcot on the train intercom, but only saw the station flash (3). The 30 Oxford-bound passengers reached journey’s end 45 minutes late, after getting a train back from Swindon to Didcot to catch (4) local train home. The passengers were offered (5) explanation or apology for what happened. A British Railspokeman said that the driver had simply forgotten to stop at Didcot. «It’s an error which is regretted», he said.

#1. 1) a scheduled; 2) an unscheduled; 3) proposed; 4) the long awaited.

#2. 1) declare; 2) announce; 3) claim; 4) exclaim.

#3. 1) past them; 2) behind it; 3) past it; 4) passed to.

#4. 1) various; 2) the other; 3) differently; 4) another.

#5.1) rudely; 2) nothing; 3 ) no; 4) any.

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