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Crashland in a Field

All 129 passengers and crew survived yesterday, when a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 crash -landed in a field after both engines failed two minutes after the flight from Stockholm had begun. Nearly all those (1) the airliner, which was bound for Warsaw via Copenhagen, walked from the wreck. Seven were seriously injured, and nine slightly hurt. The aircraft hit trees before crashing and breaking into three pieces without (2) fire. The wings were torn off. Airline officials said the pilot, Captain Stefan Rasmussen, had had (3) one minute to find a place to land. Captain Rasmussen, 44, who appeared (4) a news conference wearing a medical collar, said, «There is perhaps only one flight captain in a million who gets to show what he can do in such a situation. I am satisfied with the results.» He (5), «I am grateful to my crew and the whole organization which enabled me to succeed.»

# 1. 1) abroad; 2) on the board of; 3) broad; 4) aboard.

#2.1) catching; 2) murdering; 3) rising; 4) driving.

#3.1) while; 2) only; 3) additionally; 4) occasionally.

#4. 1) while; 2) into; 3) at; 4) to.

#5. 1) supposed; 2) talked; 3) added; 4) expressed.

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