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Mrs. Richards As a Ghost…

After her husband (1) to work, Mrs. Richards sent her children to school and went upstairs to her bedroom. She was (2) excited to do any housework that morning, for in the evening she was going to a fancy dress party with her husband. She intended to dress up as a ghost and as she had made her costume the night before, she was impatient to (3) it on. Though the costume consisted only of a sheet, it was very effective. After putting it on, Mn,. Richards went downstairs to find out (4) the costume would be comfortable to wear. Suddenly Mrs. Richards heard a knock on the front door. She thought іt (5) be the baker. She asked him to come in, and not wanting to frighten the man, hid in the storeroom. First she heard the front door open. Then there were footsteps in the hall and then… The man entered, and before Mrs. Richards could explain anything, he let out a cry and jumped back several paces.

#1. 1) has gone; 2) gone; 3) was going; 4) had gone.

#2. 1) also; 2) too; 3) very; 4) even.

#3.1) switch; 2) try; 3) get; 4) give.

#4. 1) weather; 2) whether; 3) that; 4) what.

#5.1) might; 2) can; 3) ought to; 4) should.

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