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It Was the Ghost of a Man…

It was the ghost of a man who (1) in the room at the top of the house because he had a terrible illness — he was a leper. Anyway, the people of the town made the man (2) in the little room. They kept him there and they didn’t let him see his wife or children. He had to stay there for four years. He got worse, and knocked and knocked on the door to make somebody hear htm. (3), they let him leave the room. They told him they (4) him to go to see his family again. But when he got into the street he didn’t see his family. He saw all the town’s people with stones in their hands. They stoned the poor man (5) death. No wonder his ghost was unhappy.

#1. 1) locked; 2) was locked; 3) locks; 4) had locked.

#2. 1) to live; 2) lives; 3) lived; 4) live.

#3. 1) at last; 2) last; 3) in last; 4) at least.

#4. 1) will allow ; 2) allow; 3) would allow; 4) will be allowed.

#5. 1) after; 2) into; 3) up; 4) to.

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