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Seeing a Ghost

The Cromwell Room at Chavenage Manor was known to be visited by ghosts: no one had dared to sleep in it ?1} 30 years. So when Nicholas F’arrell, a journalist, agreed to spend one night in the haunted room alone it was the deal he had made (21 — to escape would be to fail and break the deal. Nicholas was not alone in the room though, his dog Heathcliffe was with him. When soon after midnight he sat in waiting on the old bed the dog slept. Then he saw it, a headless (3). moving towards him. In a moment someone was on him, pressing the weight, breathing. Something cold and wet bent over the man. He tried to move his head (4) but could not, being paralysed. Nicholas woke up at dawn confronted by the head of Heathcliffe sitting on top of him and licking his face. He had survived. All he had (5) in the Cromwell Room was a troubled dream. But as he left the room, he made the sign of the cross, just in case.

#1.1) alone; 2) since; 3) for; 4) within.

#2. 1) with himself; 2) with no one; 3) with him; 4) for nothing.

#3.1) monument; 2) Cromwell; 3) Chavenage; 4) figure.

#4. 1) away; 2) from; 3) towards; 4) outside.

#5.1) tried; 2) experimented; 3) tested; 4) experienced.

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