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The (1) Successful Mugger

87-year-old Lady Tucker was walking down New York’s East 66th Street. She looked like an easy prey — small, grey-haired and expensively dressed. Ramos came up on his bicycle and grabbed her handbag. Lady Tucker hit him on the head with her umbrella, knocking him off his bicycle, and started screaming. The (2) mugger tried to get back into his bicycle and escape, but Lady Tucker (3) hitting him. A lorry driver, hearing her screams, came and joined in the fight. They (4) fighting, until a policeman arrived and took Ramos to prison. Lady Tucker (5) medical help, saying that she felt fine. But she allowed the policeman to escort her home.

#1.1) less; 2) least; 3) worse; 4) bad;

#2. 1) criminal; 2) prolific; 3) romantic; 4) unfortunate;

#3.1) kept; 2) stayed; 3) left; 4) advised;

#4. 1) were sorry; 2) started; 3) went on; 4) thought of;

#5. 1) declared; 2) detested; 3) insisted for; 4) refused.

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