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The Crimes That Were Easiest to Detect

The (1) crimes were detected almost immediately after they had been committed. In 1972 Mr.J.Egan from London stole a ?2} on the river Thames and was very soon caught. There was a dock strike on and his was the only craft moving that day. Mr. J. Ealey committed a burglary in Detroit in 1968 and left his dog at the scene {3} the crime. The police soon arrived and shouted «Home, boy!». They then followed the dog back to the ?4} house. And arrived only seconds after he did. In May 1976 Vernon Drinkwater and Raymond Heap of Blackburn were accused of stealing a car (5) trying to sell it to its original owner.

#1.1) following; 2) next; 3) last; 4) cruel.

#2. 1) canal; 2) barge; 3) trailer; 4) truck.

#3.1) past; 2) before; 3) off; 4) of.

#4. 1) detectives; 2) police; 3) burglar’s; 4) criminal.

#5. 1) in spite of; 2) instead of; 3). while; 4) as soon as.

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