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The Least Well-Planned Robbery

Three thieves at Billericay in Essex gave hours of (1) in 1971 to raiding the Post Office in Mountnessing Road. Among the details which they discovered were the times at which there was (2) cash and least security guard on the premises. They also invested in masks, guns and a get-away car. At a (3) time, the Mountnessing gang sped through Billericay and screeched to a halt outside the post office. It was only (4) they jumped out of the car and ran towards the building that they discovered the one detail which they had omitted to check. The Post Office had been (5) for twelve years.

#1. 1) thought; 2) thinks; 3) ideals; 4) plot.

#2. 1) least; 2) larger; 3 bigger; 4) most.

#3. 1) pre-ordered; 2) pre-arranged; 3) post-arranged; 4) predictable.

#4. 1) before; 2) while; 3) after; 4) as soon as.

#5.1) stolen; 2) open; 3) closed; 4) robbed.

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