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Who Was the Thief?

Mick, the (1) investigator, was wondering who could steal computer designs. It might have been John Howard. He had recently (2) the designs for a lot of money. He could have stolen them himself in order to collect the money. So, Mick started to look around the office. First, he noticed that the glass from the broken window was outside the office. So the thief must have broken the window from inside the room. He wanted to make it look someone had broken (3). Also, the safe hadn’t been forced open, so the thief must have known the combination. A number of the envelopes in the safe had been opened, although only the designs had been stolen. So, there couldn’t have been John Howard or Gerald Wilson because they both knew which envelope the designs were in. And that (4) only one thing: Mr. Howard’s secretary, Linda Perkins, must have stolen the designs. She had the key to the office and knew the combination, but didn’t know about the exact envelope. It took only a few minutes to get a full (5) from Linda.

#1. 1) privileged; 2) private; 3) previous; 4) proposed.

#2. 1) assured; 2) mentioned; 3) adjusted; 4) insured.

#3. 1) in; 2) to; 3) away; 4) out of it.

#4. 1) proved to; 2) seemed; 3) associated; 4) meant.

#5. 1) consideration; 2) confession; 3) contribution; 4) cooperation.

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