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One Evening…

One evening late 1941, Colonel Montgomery of Scotland Yard, (1) himself standing before the members of the London Mystery Club, a group that enjoyed discussing mystery novels. «Recently a stranger arrived in London from South Africa,» the colonel said. «Our sources have informed us that this man is probably a Nazi agent. We believe that he is (2) of a great deal of wealth with which to finance espionage in Britain. «A few hours after he stepped (3) the boat we arranged a car accident that sent him to hospital with a fractured arm. Our staff searched his clothes and luggage, which consisted of only a briefcase with letters from his friends in British Guiana. We considered a number of possible ploys but discovered nothing and still don’t know how he might be concealing something (4) a hundred thousand pounds.» The members turned to one another and whispered for a few moments. Then the president turned and said, «Colonel, we think you have overlooked a rather obvious possibility: the letters from South Africa had rare stamps (5) thousands of pounds each.» #1.1) founded; 2) saw; 3) found; 4) was.

#2. 1) a courier; 2) a career; 3) a carriage; 4) a carry-cot.

#3. 1) of; 2) off; 3) by; 4) into.

#4. 1) as; 2) else; 3) as if; 4) like.

#5.1) worth; 2) worse; 3) with the value; 4) yaluable.

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