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Mr. Reilly?

«Mr. Reilly? This is Colonel Montgomery of Scotland Yard. F’m afraid I have bad news for you. Your brother-in-law has just been murdered.» «Oh, my God,» said the voice on (1) end of the line. «I only saw Micky last night. I can’t believe this is true. Are you sure it’s him?» «The (2) is positive, Mr. Reilly. I would like to come straight over and talk to you about who would have a motive for killing him.» An hour later, Colonel Montgomery was seated in Reilly’s flat. «It’s no secret that Micky had enemies,» said Reilly. His business partner, Harold Smith, once (3) him of stealing money from their business. They had some violent arguments. Then there’s my sister’s husband, Charles Johnes, who thought Micky had (4) with his wife. Charles, I am embarrassed to say, is associated with the underworld. Another person who could have killed Micky is my wife’s brother Billy… There was no need to continue. From what Mr. Reilly said everything was obvious. He gave himself (5) when he mentioned the name of his murdered brother-in-law: he had at least three brothers-in-law.

#1.1) another; 2) the other; 3) other; 4) an other.

#2. 1) identification; 2) confirmation; 3) interrogation; 4) location.

#3. 1) deceived; 2) proved; 3) accused; 4) thought.

#4. 1) love; 2) affair; 3) heavens; 4) peace.

#5. 1) off; 2) from; 3) back; 4) away.

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