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What’s a Bruegel?

Many stolen paintings have a strange history. But one of the strangest was (1) of a painting by the famous sixteenth century painter Bruegel, stolen from the Courtauld Institute in London in the eighties. The four thieves who had stolen the painting, didn’t know how much it cost. The first art expert who came to see the painting said it was (2) and couldn’t name the exact price. The gang telephoned another art expert who told them that the painting was worth ? 2-3 million. They then tried to sell the painting (3) to the gallery from which it had been stolen. The gallery contacted the police and meeting was arranged. The gang asked for the money to be brought in two suitcases in unmarked banknotes. (4), the meeting didn’t take place. A short time (5) the four were arrested. The police found the painting on top of a wardrobe. When the gang were told they were arrested in connection with Bruegel, one of them said, «What’s a Bruegel? I thought it was rubbish.»

#1. 1) this; 2) that; 3) those; 4) the.

#2. 1) priceless; 2) colourless; 3 hopeless; 4) useless.

#3.1) against; 2) round; 3) back; 4) around.

#4. 1) so; 2) while; 3) sure; 4) however.

#5. 1) latter; 2) late; 3) before; 4) later.

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