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5,000 Bank Robbery in the City

There was a bank robbery in central London yesterday. Just before closing time yesterday, a man (1) the Bucher Street Branch of the National Westminster Bank. He was carrying a shotgun, and wearing a stocking mask over his head. There were only a few customers in the bank at the time. He {2} on the floor, and forced the manager to put the money in a sack. (3) he was leaving, the security guard tried to ring the alarm. The robber shot him and the guard is now in St. Patrick’s Hospital. Surgeons are trying to save (4). (5) the police arrested a man in South London. He is now trying to prove his alibi.

#1.1) entered in; 2) entered; 3) left; 4) was entering.

#2. 1) made them to lie; 2) made them lying: 3) made lie to them; 4) made them lie.

#3. 1) as; 2) as soon as; 3) after; 4) before.

#4. 1) him alive; 2) his death; 3) his life; 4) his from death.

#5. 1) last at night; 2) late night; 3) lastly night; 4) last night.

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