Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. If Rick could not drive to the city, the alternative was to take the train (…)

1) development; 2) hazard; 3) compulsion; 4) choice; 5) decision.

#2. Jack bought a single ticket as he was going to return with his friend by car

1) simple ticket; 2) low price ticket; 3) ticket for one person; 4) one-way ticket; 5) return ticket.

#3. The strange loud noise frightened me but Mary didn’t turn a hair. (…)

l)gave a cry; 2) shrugged her shoulders; 3) brushed her hair; 4) didn’t show a sign of fear; 5) didn’t comb her hair.

#4. My policy is to turn a deaf ear to gossip and different talks about my friends and acquaintances. (…)

1) turn round to; 2) give an ear to; 3) be willing to hear; 4) refuse to listen to; 5) believe in.

#5. It was a bright sunny day and we set off in high spirits. (…)

1) hiking in the mountains; 2) to climb the top; 3) fit as a fiddle; 4) with a feeling of happiness and energy; 5) to make fun.

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