Знайдіть еквівалент підкресленого вислову.

#1. There is a great deal of commerce taking place between Japan and America as various goods are exchanged between the two countries. (…)

1) formality; 2) business; 3) distance; 4) similarity; 5) exchange.

#2. When we were on holiday, the hotel room looked out over a beautiful garden. (…)

1) saw; 2) gave a glance; 3) faced; 4) made a view; 5) looked at.

#3. The city council is again talking of building a new opera house, but any plan seems unlikely to get off the ground, at least for several years. (…)

1) to get the better off; 2) to get through; 3) to be taken possession of; 4) to open the ceremony; 5) to be set in motion.

#4. Despite his age, Donald is in good shape due to his constant going in foi sports. (…)

1) looks well; 2) appears happy; 3) seems shapely; 4) is physically fit; 5) proves good.

#5. Darling, are you in the mood for a walk about the town? (…)

1) are you in high spirits; 2) are you in low spirits; 3) are you moody; 4) do you feel like walking; 5) are fond of walking.

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